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7/121 Quinns Village Shopping Centre, Quinns Rd, Quinns Rocks, WA 6030
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Our favourite treatments


IPL Hair Removal

Hair Removal professionals, we take satisfaction in being able to offer our customers effective.

Pro Peels

Chemical peels are the most common type of skin peel. They work by removing the upper layer of your skin, revealing a new,


Experience smooth, silky, luminous skin with epiblading.Epiblading is another term for epidermal levelling and dermal planing.

Cosmetic Injections

Natural ageing, as well as a lifetime of facial emotions and involuntary muscle movements, all contribute to the production of wrinkles, skin creases, and expression lines, which can make us appear much older than we are.


LED Light Therapy works by supplying different light wavelengths to the skin, which stimulates collagen and elastin production as well as healing processes at the cellular level. Fibroblasts are induced to make new collagen and elastin fibres, which improves fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, elasticity, and firmness. This improves the skin’s tone, texture, and overall complexion. With each treatment, your skin’s hydration levels are raised by up to 300 percent, giving it a dewier and plumper appearance.

Our Story

Chelsea’s passion for health and beauty stemmed from her early teens. Working with M.A.C Cosmetics for 4 years as a business manager provided her with the opportunities to work in business development, make-up artistry and learn from some of the finest in the field. She has organised and trained at a number of events as well as supported employees.

During this period, she furthered her skills obtaining a certification in Lash Mastery. Founding her own makeup and lash studio in Brisbane, Qld, whilst furthering her studies in Nursing and Clinical Aesthetics.

Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Applied Health Science in Clinical Aesthetics, Diploma in Health Care in addition to certificates of excellence in eyelash extensions, makeup, and business studies. Her appetite for information and ambition to give exceptional results every time drives her to always study and upskill.

Bloome Clinics was created out of a desire to provide an aesthetic that embodied her approach and attitude to beauty – “love the skin you’re in”. Chelsea is a believer in holistic approaches to wellness and beauty and its ability to empower feelings of confidence in individuals. Only the highest quality, clinically proven products and procedures are offered at Bloome which will innovate and grow as the information does so within the industry.

Chelsea has an eye for detail in obtaining results and will accompany you in your aesthetic journey every step of the way to a rejuvenated and more confident self.

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